When Two Nerds Met On The Internet: A Love Story

Note: This text was written by Carina and Ryan, and was taken from their wedding website with permission. We loved it so much we wanted to share!

When Ryan first approached Carina in the jungle of Match.com, she was immediately taken with his long punk-rock hair and his love of musical instruments, and when she saw the word “engineer” on his profile, that pretty much sealed the deal. Ryan thought Carina was okay too. After messaging back and forth for an evening, and bonding over their common experience as bass players in their high school jazz bands, he declared her “number worthy” and the strategic texting began. After an evening over pasta, beer, and an unhealthy amount of froyo, Ryan managed to overlook Carina’s Yale-preppy wardrobe and asked her out for a second date.

From there the relationship just took off. Within 3 weeks, they both knew this was the real deal and had met the parents. At this point, Ryan asked Carina to be a wedding date, and a bass player, for a wedding over two months away – which meant there was no backing out. They made it through the wedding band, which cemented their connection – the love of music had bonded them together.

They survived purchasing and fixing up a home which led to at least three romantic dates at Home Depot every weekend. With an unexpected turn of events, they uprooted their lives to Philadelphia for rival graduate school programs. After two grueling years of silence and homework, fueled by lots of pizza and Oreos, at the ripe ages of 27 and 31, they finally moved to Boston to begin adulting.

On their five-year anniversary in May 2018, they planned a lovely Italian meal in the suburbs. Ryan sent Carina a lucrative message about going early to dinner to “check out a nearby lake”. Since Ryan was not know for his love of lakes, especially in his finery, Carina knew something was up. Despite Ryan’s best efforts to leave work early, the MBTA Red Line shut down for an hour, as was customary. The normally calm and relaxed Ryan became frantic and enjoyed a brisk jog through Cambridge as to not be late to dinner. All the while, Ryan was texting Carina saying he was “running late,” to which Carina replied in a calm and easy-going manner. Since Carina was not known being calm and easy-going in the face of tardiness, Ryan knew something was up. 

After arriving home just in time, they made it to the restaurant with five minutes to spare. They drove to the “lake” which looked more like a swamp rather than the picturesque scene Ryan had seen on Google Images. After an awkward and knowing look, first at the swamp, then at each other, they skipped the lake and went on to dinner. After a lovely meal, she realized he had no back-up plan – and he wanted to take her “somewhere pretty”. As the type-A planner, Carina pulled out her phone and searched for “pretty” locations open at 9pm on a Wednesday night in Boston, and settled on the Boston Public Garden. After a car ride where they both pretended not to know what was happening, on a late-night adventure through Boston, on a weeknight, they finally arrived. On the first warm and perfect evening of the year, they strolled through the park to a beautiful bench by the swan boats next a willow tree. In Ryan style, minimal words were spoken, but he dropped to one knee and asked Carina the question that caused an explosion of tears. She excitedly agreed through her ugly-crying, and thus committed to a lifetime of Friday night grocery shopping and laundry.

Boston Public Gardens where they got engaged.

Carina & Ryan’s Feature Film:

Photos courtesy of Jessica DeLorenzo from DeLorenzo Photography.