in Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

Skytop Lodge Wedding

Emery & Ron's

Emery & Ron pulled up at Skytop Lodge on Friday afternoon, the day before their wedding. "Hey guys!" I said as they crossed the bridge to the lodge. “How was your trip from Arizona?”

We were at Skytop a day before their wedding to do a story session. There was a lot we already knew about them, but we found out a lot, too. I love doing these story sessions – it’s win-win situation where we get to develop deeper relationships and also make a more compelling film. For Emery & Ron, this allowed them to go into great detail about how they met (We are – Penn State!), their love for Las Vegas, and the grief of not having of Emery's late father at their wedding. You can film certain symbolisms, but having somebody talk about them puts context behind a shot and allows for them to put a story into their own words. When I was editing their ceremony, I noticed a bird that flew through the frame in such a way that made me stop and think for a second. I'm in no position to say what that may have represented, but it did give me a warm feeling.

Filmmaker: Fonash Studios
Venue: Skytop Lodge
Photography: Sarah Hillen
Hair & Makeup: Melissa D’Aloia & Co.
Entertainment: Harry C Productions
Florals: The Flower Shop at Skytop
Dress: Martina Liana from Mariee Bridal in az Groomsmen Outfits: The Black Tux


written by Kevin 

Emery shared with us that she wrote Ron a letter for his birthday the first year they were dating. She said, "I signed it with - I can't wait to share this adventure with you, and I feel like that's what life is with Ronnie. We get to spend every day with our best friend, our person, having new adventures and tackling anything that comes our way, together." To be able to preserve that forever, is truly something special.

the depth of their story is one that i'm glad they got to tell us.

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