near new hope, Pennsylvania

Bucks County Backyard Wedding

Jen & Michael'S

We love backyard weddings. There’s just something about being at home – It’s like throwing a giant dinner party. We met Jen and Michael through one of our previous couples, and they instantly got us looking forward to their October wedding. As the owners of an ice cream company, (and also where they met) they included many aspects of their keto-friendly dessert into their day. This film is one of the longest we’ve ever made – driven by lots of dialogue and spoken moments - including exceptionally written vows that told their story in their own words.

I also wanted to mention how rain can affect the mood on a wedding day. Yeah, there’s that old saying about rain being good luck on your day. I’m convinced that was made up just to make you feel better about it. Let’s face it – rain can be annoying. But, it can also be really cozy. Cleansing. Soft. Ambient. I get it, you spend a year planning and the day before was perfect sunshine. But at the end of it all, none of that matters. The image of everyone holding umbrellas while Jen and Michael said their vows was something you can’t replicate. 

Filmmaker: Fonash Studios
Photography: Redfield Photography
Coordination: Diamonds & Details
Florist: BeLovely
Entertainment: EBE Rio
Decor: Lilac + Lace
Live Painter: Steph Moraca
Makeup: Brielle Zangari
Hair Stylist: Casey Campisi


written by Kevin

Raindrops starting to fall during their first look and Jen saying “Ut oh, is that rain or tears?” to Michael is just stuff you just can’t script. Their wedding was one of the most challenging weddings we’ve ever done, but also so fulfilling. So, just embrace the rain, and you’ll still have your dream wedding. A little ice cream helps, too.

just embrace the rain, and you'll still have your dream wedding.

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