Our Favorite Holiday Wedding Films

It’s December once again – which means decorated storefronts, snow covered rooftops, baking cookies, and feeling the warmth of family and friends. And although this year is a little different (well… a LOT different) the spirit of the season is still among us. Making memories — even if it’s virtually or with less people — is so important this year.

And that brings us to weddings. Over the years, we’ve done weddings in all seasons — those warm July nights where it’s not dark until almost 10pm, the crisp October days with colorful leaves, the pops of green and melted snow in early Spring. But some of our favorites are Holiday weddings.

It’s already a cozy season filled with warm gatherings, so December weddings have that extra twinkle to them that just elevates everything. Seeing all your family and friends. A hearty meal. Seasonal drinks. Lots of laughter and hugs. Festive dresses and men’s ties. A midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve. Conversations by the fireplace. Love seems to be a just little sweeter around the Holidays.

We’ve put together a collection of some of our favorite Holiday weddings from over the years. So dim the lights, pour a mug of hot chocolate or your favorite red wine, and cuddle up on the couch.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and (especially this year) a Healthy New Year. -Fonash Studios

Featured image by Jill Katherine Photography (she’s awesome!)

Haley & Jeff – 12.09.17

Haley & Jeff had what every December couple dreams of — snow! It was falling light enough not to cause a travel mess but pretty enough to make for white rooftops and flakes on evergreen wreaths. As videographers, we also love when it snows. It never quite looks the best on still photographs but with video, you can feel the atmosphere. Along with their custom vows, endearing first look, and slow dancing in front of the Christmas tree, this wedding film is one to put you in the spirit.

Rae & Andrew – 12.31.16

We have several New Year’s Eve weddings on this list, starting with Rae & Andrew. If you’ve never been to a NYE wedding before, nudge one of your friends (or yourself) to have one. It’s probably one of the best kept secrets in weddings – they are so much fun. The excitement only increases as the night goes on, and what a better way to ring in the New Year surrounded by all your friends and loved ones. A balloon drop, lots of Champagne, and a great DJ doesn’t hurt, also.

Jack & Rachael – 12.07.19

We got the opportunity to film not only Jack & Rachael’s wedding but also a separate shoot on a snowy evening in Downtown Scranton (we call these shoots “adventure sessions”). After pouring some wine, we sat them down for an interview in front of a warm fireplace, and just talked about their relationship, how Jack proposed, and what their goals are for becoming a family. We then walked around downtown with light snow falling in front of decorated stores and restaurants. We’ll leave the actual wedding day a secret – you have to watch to see! This might be as close to your own personal Hallmark movie as you can get.

DeAnna & Matthew – 12.31.16

Remember when we said New Year’s Eve weddings are awesome? (And you should totally have one) We rang in 2017 with DeAnna & Matt – a great couple – and the one thing that stands out is their pastor, Fr. Seth, providing a personalized service to them. Fr. Seth is not only a caring and humble priest, but he has turned into one of our friends over the years. Later on, they had a great band who rocked the night and they didn’t forget about doing sparklers, either.

Greg & Bernadette – 12.03.16

It was early December in 2016 when we filmed Greg and Bernadette’s wedding in the Poconos. It was fairly cold out, but after the ceremony we all braved the outdoors to get some portraits with them and the bridal party. The day was a blast – between some Bridesmaids quotes, red and white socks for the groomsmen, and a surprise song during Bern’s sister’s speech — it was a night to celebrate and remember!

Kristin & Dan – 12.31.16

Ringing in the New Year in the PA capital! It was December 31st in 2016 (yes, we had 3 weddings that year) that took us to Harrisburg to celebrate with Kristin and Dan. Their ceremony took place right in the capitol rotunda, which provided not only great acoustics and visuals, but just a really genuine and unique place to tie the knot. Afterwards, they headed over to a hotel ballroom for dinner and drinks, with a fireworks show outside at midnight.

Richelle & Chris – 12.01.18

This wedding brings one word to mind – family. Imagine a cold, early December day, the bridesmaids wearing flannel getting ready, the bride getting her dress on by the tree. After a ceremony in a beautiful, marble-covered church, everyone headed to a packed reception – with long tables of greenery and festive drinks in everyone’s hand. The highlight of the night is when Chris’s grandfather gave a heartwarming speech and welcomed Richelle into the family.

Megan & Justin – 12.31.18

Our last New Year’s Eve wedding on the list, we kicked off 2018 with Megan & Justin. They had a 5pm ceremony (and no first look) which meant we got to do a nighttime shoot with the two of them. Sometimes, this can be tricky, but with intentional lighting and some help with a little light rain falling, we were able break the norm and get some creative video. Later, they had dinner and dancing, with a balloon drop and plenty of champaign.

Ashley & Bernie – 12.29.18

When we first met Ashley & Bernie, we soon realized not only was their connection between each other strong, but also with their faith. “Not fate or luck, it was God who brought us together”, said Ashley when we interviewed her that morning. When Bernie opens a gift from Ashley – a painting of Jesus – it still gives me chills. With their faith acting as the glue in their marriage, this will always be one of our Holiday favorites.

Anthony & Ashley – 12.21.19

One word to describe Ashley & Anthony’s wedding was just plain fun. These two, along with their bridal party, never stopped smiling and laughing the whole day. Their church, St. Agnes Parish in West Chester, PA, had perfect light and architectural details that rivaled any cathedral we’ve been to. A celebration followed, with drinks, indoor sparklers, and plenty of dancing. Just four days before Christmas, their wedding heightened the excitement of the season yet to come.