10 Things to Do on the Morning of your Wedding

A wedding day is filled with so many different aspects and emotions. It’s a day where you can create ever lasting moments that you’ll cherish forever. Of course, the entire day is special, and the ceremony and reception are always emotional and joyous times. But some of the most natural moments of a wedding day happen during the morning (or the time prior to the ceremony). Here are 10 things you can do to make your wedding morning special!

1. Letters

Exchanging letters makes for some great memories that you can look back on for years to come. They help paint a picture of how you felt at that very moment. This could be a letter to your bride or groom – or even a letter to your parents or grandparents. And in that letter, just describe how you feel. Describe how you feel about the day and about how you appreciate your loved ones around you. It doesn’t have to be an award winning novel, just something meaningful for you and the person on the other end. 

2. First Looks

First looks are always fun. And while a first look is most commonly between the bride and groom, they can also be with other people whom you are close with. Mom usually helps you put on the dress so she is already a ball of emotions (which is always a great moment), but a first look with Dad or your grandparents – or any relative who means the world to you is always so meaningful. And, as first look with your bridesmaids is exciting, too. Having all your girls see you for the first time — laughing, crying, and hugging is another fun memory.

3. Gifts

Giving a gift to your bride or groom on the wedding day doesn’t have to be anything spectacular (or it could be if you want). Just something to add to the excitement of the day. It could be anything from something to wear (like a special bracelet or cufflinks) to a meaningful gift for your home (like a painting of you two and the dogs). You could also give a gift to your parents. Usually, parent gifts are very nostalgic (like a personalized handkerchief for Dad and a necklace for Mom). Parents always appreciate meaningful gifts. And it’s not limited to the bridal party, grandparents, or any other main people on your wedding day. You can also give your girls monogrammed robes to wear, or personalized glasses. The groom get the guys Yeti mugs, socks to wear for the wedding, or even cigars. There is really no right or wrong way to give a gift. 

4. Breakfast / Brunch

Be sure to eat before the ceremony, even if you aren’t particularly hungry. You won’t have much time to eat later in the day, so you’ll want something in your stomach (especially if you are enjoying some drinks). So, ordering breakfast sandwiches or bagels to have with your mimosas is always a good call. If your schedule allows, also provide everyone with a hearty lunch. And of course, coffee is a must. 

5. Morning Activity 

Usually on a wedding day, the bridesmaids get up early to get their hair and makeup done. They hang out, listen to music, and have mimosas. But why not think outside the box? Do some yoga, set up a fun coffee bar, or gather the ladies and take a brisk walk to start the day. The guys, on the other hand, get ready pretty quick. Maybe you and the guys can do a round of 9 holes or hit the driving range. Head to a brewpub for brunch. Go for a bike ride. These little moments just add more meaning to the morning. It could also help you shake off any nerves or jitters you may have. And it lets you spend time with your friends and family.

6. Give a Toast to your Girls / Guys

Pop the champagne, or crack a beer. Have a moment to celebrate your bridal party and friends. Just get everyone together, thank them for being there, and to get ready for a great day. This can also be a good time to hand out your gifts, if you have any. If you are religious, you may want to gather together and offer a prayer. And as videographers, we are always looking for more ways to incorporate audio. This is a great way to do that.

7. Coordinate Outfits

This just adds some fun to the morning. It could be anything from matching robes, flannels, shorts, or t-shirts. You could also personalize them or just keep them simple. We have seen a wedding where all of the guys had on different colored Hawaiian shirts or the ladies have matching sweatpants. It just adds some fun to the morning and makes for some great photos and video.

8. Create a Wedding Playlist

Everyone needs music while getting ready and hanging out, so create a wedding playlist. Add some songs that you and your bridal party thrive on, and have had memories with throughout the years. By creating a playlist beforehand, you don’t have to be searching for songs and no one has to play DJ while getting ready. Just set it up, hit play, and the skip button is always there if you need it. Don’t know what to add? Pandora has a wedding-day mix, if you need.

9. Lay Out Wedding Details

This one will help your photographer and videographer, but also creates less stress for you. Set all of your wedding details aside or in a shoebox, ready to go. “Details” are: the wedding dress, any jewelry you are wearing, the invitation, rings, shoes, or anything else that is meaningful to you and the wedding day. Having your dress out of the packaging and hung up somewhere is also a good idea. This all helps you because everything will be together in one area, and it helps us so then we aren’t looking high and low for all of your details and it’s one less thing for you to do in the morning.

10. Relax

You’ve done all the hard work and planning, now it’s time to sit back and relax. Don’t sweat the little things. There will be moments that might stress you out, but remember that you can’t control everything. Timelines are meant to be adjusted. Not everything will go perfectly, no matter how much you plan for it not to. Everyone is there to celebrate with you and is there because they care about you. Relax and enjoy those morning hours or time before the ceremony because the rest of the day will fly by.

All photos courtesy of Danielle Coons Photography